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Why Do All DPS Teachers Have an ELA Designation?

Denver Public Schools is the fastest-growing urban school district in the country. We have nearly 85,000 students, 80% of whom represent diverse cultures and heritage. In the past 20 years, DPS has seen a 218% increase in the English Language Learner population. Many of our students speak Spanish, and a significant number speak other non-English languages including Vietnamese, Arabic, Somali, Amharic, Nepali and Russian. We strive to be better for these students and acknowledge that our community is stronger when we celebrate and support them.

We value our diverse student body, and are committed to improving instruction and student achievement outcomes for every student by providing a rigorous, enriching educational experience. We want teachers to uphold that same commitment by valuing the unique contribution of each student, helping to ensure their success by embracing their language and culture. For that reason, in order to meet the needs of our diverse learners, all teachers, who are new to the district, will receive an ELA designation. Regardless of the designation (ELA-T, ELA-E, ELA-S, ELA-E/S) all teachers are required to complete the ELA Teacher Qualification Basic Training within their first year of teaching.

DPS is committed to helping every teacher gain the knowledge and instruction to help our English-language learners succeed. Refer to the ELA Teacher Qualifications webpage to see the courses that you are required to take.

If you have any further questions regarding your designation or required ELA training, please speak with your principal. Thank you for your commitment to DPS and our vision of Every Child Succeeds.

ELA Teacher Qualification Training Program

ELA-T designated teachers are required to successfully complete ELA basic training within one year of their designation date. ELA basic training includes the successful completion of:

  • ELA 101 (must be taken within 60 days of hire)
  • ELA Summer Academy, Summer Academy alternatives, or CSR program
  • The Denver ELA Program (formerly ELA NEI)

Questions about training requirements or waivers? Visit the ELA Teacher Qualifications webpage or call HR Connect at 720-423-3900. For further information visit the ELA Teacher Training FAQs.