Professional Resources

Special Education Teachers: In addition to Orientation to Special Education and Enrich, you will also need to attend the 2016 Special Education Institute. This is an annual training that ALL special education teachers (returning and new) attend.

Center-Based Teachers and Paraprofessionals: (AN, MI, MIS, MIA, DHH, CC, ECE-Model 1, PLEX) must take Non-Violent Crisis Intervention (NCI) each year. The first time you take NCI, you will have a hybrid class with online work and a follow up face-to-face section.  You must take a four hour refresher each year.

Affective Needs Teachers, Multi-Intensive Autism Teachers and Cross Categorical Teachers also must attend the Center Based Teacher Institute on Aug. 10-13.

Multi-Intensive, Multi-Intensive Severe, Multi-Intensive Autism, and ECE Model 1: There is an optional Health and Safety for Students with Special Needs class as well as Invasive Procedures training during August.  To register for Invasive Procedures, check with your school nurse to determine if you will be designated as a person who will provide invasive procedures.

To register for all Student Services trainings, use the Student Services registration system. Note: Student Services trainings are not available for registration in Schoolnet, which is commonly used for trainings offered by Curriculum and Instruction. 

The Student Services registration system also provides helpful information, such as:

  • A calendar with all professional learning offerings
  • Resources, such as handouts and links, from your trainings
  • Contacts
  • Information about registering for text alerts when there is a last-minute change in Student Services professional learning
  • Information about bookmarking the training site as an app on your smart phone
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