Your First 30 Days

Within 30 days after your official start date at DPS, please review and complete the following steps:

Human Resources action items:

  1. Complete the New Employee Orientation (NEO) webinar to learn more about DPS, including policies and benefits
    • The NEO webinar can only be accessed after completing Moodle, the district's online training resource for new hires. The last section within Moodle will prompt you to register for the NEO webinar. (Note: For more information on Moodle, please refer to the new hire checklist.)
  2. Complete the following items via Employee Self Service, DPS's online pay and benefits system. (Note: Employee Self Service can only be accessed when connected to the Denver Public Schools network.)
  3. Review the salary guide to better understand the ProComp compensation system. If you have additional questions, please reach out to
  4. Review the DPS employee handbook.
  5. Familiarize yourself with The Commons, DPS's intranet. (note: The Commons can only be accessed via the DPS network)


Professional learning action items:

  1. Review the professional learning resources available to new teachers
  2. Review the LEAP handbook.
  3. Review the English Language Acquisition (ELA) requirements for new-to-DPS teachers, and sign-up for any required courses once you learn your classroom's ELA designation.
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