New Teacher Induction

All teachers new to the profession must complete four induction components during their first year at DPS. In June of the year following your first year at DPS, if you have successfully completed the four components, DPS will issue you an induction certificate, which you will receive by email.

When you apply to the Colorado Department of Education to convert your Initial License to a Professional License, attach the Induction Certificate to your application. Learn more about licensing here.

The four induction components are:

1.    New Teacher Handbook. Within the first 30 days of employment, read the New Teacher Handbook.

2.    New Teacher Induction (NTI) Summer Professional Learning. Click here to register for required summer professional learning activities!

3.    Professional Learning (PL). Complete a minimum of 16 hours of PL, which may include external-to-district, internal-to-district, and/or school-based PL during the school year. Please note: Summer professional learning also counts toward this 16-hour total. Register for all district-level PL using Schoolnet.  Of further note: Most teachers will meet this requirement through the required ELA Qualification Basic Training.

4.    New Teacher Support. All novice teachers (typically teachers in their first year of teaching) will receive targeted, individualized instructional support on a regular basis via a teacher team lead or a new teacher support partner, for schools not supported by teacher team leads.

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